Good advice costs nothing

Your health and wealth, how will you cope without them?  

Can you, at least, get consultations, tests, scans and hospital treatment if you need it, when you need it?

What will happen if you can’t work? Will your family lose their home if you die? How long will any savings last? Will you be able to afford the latest cancer drugs?

Is your current cover still right for you? Should you review it? Could you reduce your monthly payments?

It will cost you nothing to find out and could save you $$$’s.

But how do you choose the right cover?

We organise insurance to pay you or your family a lump sum or an income in case you die, are diagnosed with cancer or severe illness or suffer a heart attack.

We find you the right medical cover that WILL pay for non-pharmac approved cancer drugs plus your hospital treatment, tests and other drugs.

We deliver a personalised report, show you all the options from the market, the costs, product and provider ratings and give you advice. Or you simply tell us what you want and we make it happen.