Advice. No Pressure. No Cost.

Insurance. Why do we hate talking about it so much? When the time comes and we need it, those who have it thank themselves every day that they had the forethought to organise it properly.

There’s a lot of options and choices. Life insurance, cancer cover, medical plans, income protection in case you can’t work? How much cover to have, level premiums, what do you already have, how does it all fit together?

We would like to offer you advice. No pressure. No cost to you. You choose to buy or you don’t.

We help you work out how much, what type, which company. We will show you the market’s cheapest and most expensive and everything in-between. We will explain the differences and the benefits of each one to you. And then show you completely independent analysis that rates and ranks every option for you.

Then you decide. Take it all, choose some parts only, have none of it. Or get us to re-do it all with different figures or cover types. We won’t mind. It’s all about you.

Home- Talk Money-squareTalkmoney is a broker business aligned with NZ’s top insurance companies and secondary lenders so that we can offer you the latest, most comprehensive┬ádeals.

We are real believers in the benefits of life and income insurance. Unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people and even a little insurance can make the difference between a sad and difficult time becoming a financial meltdown for your family.

I’d love to meet so please get in touch.

Call me on 09 377 0797.


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