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Did your bank ‘sell’ you insurance in the past?

Time to check what’s available from the competitive market. You may find more suitable, comprehensive cover for similar or better value.

We can talk to you about level premiums which means they won’t change for the life of the policy. It makes the cost a bit more now but, literally, could save you many thousands of $$’s over the course of the policy. More importantly, it means you will still have the cover in place when you need to claim instead of having cancelled the policy when it gets too expensive in years to come.

We can complete the whole process online wherever you are in NZ. We use a virtual, online private meeting room with all the documents there for you to complete and sign on your iPad or other tablet/pc. Parts of the meeting are recorded and stored which gives you and us a clear record of what was discussed and agreed. It’s so easy and straightforward.

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Features Life Cover Trauma Cover

Insure your Bucket List

Wouldn’t it suck if you never crossed a few things off your Bucket List? You wait. You make plans. You plan to save. Then a visit to the doctor changes everything.

Insure your bucket list now. Start small, just enough to make your plans real. A lump sum from a Trauma Cover (for example cancer, heart attack, stroke) or life cover that pays out on diagnosis of a terminal illness can tick off a fair few on your list.
We can even arrange level premiums that will not change for the life of the policy so budgeting for you is easy (This is actually heaps cheaper over the term of the policy).

We can complete the whole process online wherever you are in NZ.

Income Cover Life Cover Trauma Cover

How to save $$$ thousands on your life, trauma and income cover

The average age people CANCEL their trauma insurance is 47.The average age people CLAIM on their trauma insurance is 51.

Cancelled. Just when it’s needed.The reason? Every year you get older your monthly premium goes up until it becomes  unaffordable.

I can show you how to save $$ thousands or hundred’s of $$ thousands on your life, trauma or income cover and beat this problem.

Contact me now if you:

  • currently have a policy that increases every year
  • need long term cover for mortgage or other debts
  • are a young couple or family (you will be amazed at the savings)
  • have children or grandchildren and want to give them a gift for life

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