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Can you afford to wait for treatment?

One industry study found that it took on average 100 days longer for surgery if you were on the public list rather than on a private one.

This means:

  • Your condition could get worse
  • Your pain and discomfort lasts longer
  • Loss of income if you can’t work
  • Emotional and financial family strain

You could have your surgery, recover and be back at work even before you’d be seen in the public system.

Many of us will need hospital care at several points in our lives. Our public health system is fantastic for immediate emergency and acute care. ACC is a stand out for rehabilitation after an accident.

But ACC won’t help you if you get an illness or suffer a disability. And if your surgery is considered non urgent then get used to waiting.

We have access to many different medical cover schemes and can recommend one that is right for your needs.

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