What we do

I know that no-one wakes up in the morning excited about sorting their insurance.

I know that everyone thinks it won’t happen to them. Sadly, though, it can happen and it does. And when it does, you and your family will wish that you had spent just a little time with me getting good advice and taking action on your insurance plans.

I can help you with:

Health insurance so that you can get the hospital treatment you need at the time you want to receive it.

Income, mortgage, illness and disability protection cover so that you can still pay the monthly bills if you can’t work.

Cancer, heart attack, stroke insurance, other illness and disability cover so that you can receive a lump sum payment to ease the financial strain of suffering an illness.

In case you die, I can advise and recommend suitable life cover so that your family can continue to manage, pay off any debts and cover your funeral expenses. I can help you with special life cover so that you can plan and afford a wonderful inheritance for your children.

We don’t have to meet face to face so you don’t have to live in Auckland to benefit from my services. Many of my customers are spread around the country and we catch up and make plans using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype etc. I will organise all of that and any necessary document signing and applications can be done online too.