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Protect Against Breast Cancer

I have a blended family with four daughters, I’m worried by these numbers.

  • 89% of all trauma insurance claims for women were for cancer.
  • 9 NZ women per day are diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • That’s 3,300 women diagnosed per year
  • 30% of eligible women aren’t enrolled in free screening.
  • Breast cancer accounts for 600 NZ deaths per year.

Who knows what is around the corner. Get screened. Find out more

Don’t let money add to your troubles at a time like that.

Cancer only cover, so much more affordable than a full trauma policy by around 30%. It will pay a lump sum on diagnosis.

Add $50,000 FREE trauma cover for each of your children up to 21, protecting against 43 serious medical conditions and it’s hard to turn down.

Complete the form and I will send you some figures.

Statisitics from GenRe study 2004-08, NZBCF website and Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

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