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Sports injuries hurt your finances too!

Do you play sports? Do you go road or mountain biking? Do you run or use the gym? Ever fractured a bone? Or seen someone else do it?

How about an income benefit payout EVEN if you can still work?

But what if you can’t work?

For how many weeks could you keep paying your rent or mortgage? You don’t want to get behind with these payments, not in the current economic climate.

After just 4 weeks of a loss in income, 55% of NZ households will be unable to cover their expenses.

How about a plan that will cover your mortgage or rent payments plus an EXTRA 15%?

Or will pay a monthly benefit up to 45% of your income?

How about if the first $5000 of that monthly benefit is not reduced by any other income replacement sources, including ACC. So YOU GET BOTH!

And what about keeping the same agreed monthly benefit even if your circumstances change, say you stop working or pay off the mortgage? You still get to keep the level of cover!

And you can increase cover (within certain limits) without additional underwriting.

And if you are made REDUNDANT while your cover is in force, the same policy pays a monthly benefit for up to 6 months.

There are many more benefits to this plan from the world’s second largest insurer.

This cover is so affordable so when bad things happen, make sure losing your home isn’t one of them.

A full income replacement plan can be unaffordable, this is an inexpensive plan to guarantee your mortgage or rent payments in case an illness or injury stops you working.

We are partnered with NZ’s biggest and best life companies so that we can ensure your peace of mind whatever the circumstances.

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