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Financial Protection Against Cancer

Guys, over 3000 of us are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. More than half of all cancer deaths are us men. That’s over 4700 per year. It’s a terrible time, don’t let money be another problem. You can afford a cancer only cover, for a 40 year old it’s only $25.55 per month for $200,000 cover*. Complete the form below for a quote.

Add $10,000 FREE trauma cover for each of your children up to 21 and it’s hard to turn down.

The kids cover provides protection against 43 serious medical conditions including meningitis. Additional cover can be purchased at $1 per month per $10,000 up to a maximum of $200,000. Cover can be increased without further medical evidence at ages 6, 10, 14 and 18. At age 21 the cover can be converted to an adult trauma policy regardless of any change in health during childhood/teenage years.

We can talk to you about level premiums which means they won’t change for the life of the policy. It makes the cost a bit more now but, literally, will save you many, many thousands of $$’s over the course of the policy. More importantly, it means you will still have the cover in place when you need to claim instead of having cancelled the policy when it gets too expensive in years to come.

We can complete the whole process online wherever you are in NZ. We use a virtual, online private meeting room with all the documents there for you to complete and sign on your iPad or other tablet/pc. Parts of the meeting are recorded and stored which gives you and us a clear record of what was discussed and agreed. It’s so easy and straightforward.

We recommend the most suitable, affordable cover for you from the market of NZ’s top insurance providers.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Fundraiser ID Number is: 555716

Figures from NZ Cancer Registry 2012

*subject to medical history and underwriting